So you’re an artist and/or a game designer and are interested in working with us to make something unbelievably awesome. Below is the information you need to see what that might look like.

Game Designers

Unfortunately our slate is full right now. We aren’t able to give your design the attention it deserves. Please check back later, but until then keep at it until you find your game the home it deserves.


We are currently looking for artists for our Midwest Clerics line of tabletop accessories. We create pawns and maps for use as unofficial accessories for games like Pathfinder or other games placed in a medieval fantasy setting. See the following example:

Artwork from City Folk, available on Amazon.com

If you enjoy creating artwork similar to our example, please contact us via email with “Midwest Clerics Artist Inquiry” in the subject line: info[at]spottedowlgames[dot]com

As mentioned earlier, we also create card and board games. If you would like to be considered for work on a future project, we would love to hear from you at the email address above. Please put “Spotted Owl Games Artist Inquiry” in the subject line. Make sure to let us know if you specialize in or prefer a certain style and about any professional experience you have had in the board game industry. Feel free to link to your online portfolio (if applicable).

Show Me the Money!

We offer artists two ways of getting paid for our Midwest Clerics line of tabletop accessories. The first is straight cash for work. You do the work and – BAM – you get the cash money. The end. Simple and clean.

The second option is royalty based payment + equity in the company. In lieu of getting a one-time payment for your work, you get paid royalties every quarter based off the sales of what you help create! You lose the instant gratification of being paid as soon as the work is over, but you gain an income stream that you don’t have tocontinually work for. Plus, as the company grows, being purchased by a larger publisher is a possibility, in which case you would get a percentage of the sale price (based off of your product sales).